Hey Guys, I’m gonna make this quick.

I have begun development of a new visual novel called “Kindred Might”

However because of the size of this it’s going to be released in parts.

Not sure how many, but each arc, will be 1 part.

Aaaaand there are a few arcs.

More than a few actually.

Therefore I’m starting really early.

I have no set day on when to expect the first part, however, when the first part does come out, the release times of the others will be fairly quickly, because I would have all the character models down, and music and sound effects and things of that sort.

I also wanna take the time to thank those who’ve played the visual novel. It really is encouraging to know that people enjoy my stories and I’m grateful that you all stick around.

In the next post I’ll show some development art for a character, or heck maybe even a complete character.

Also I want to Share the plot of the visual novel as well in the next Update Post

Thank you all for sticking around, Until next time!


After such a long time I’m just glad this one is DONE.

Like gosh you guys dont know how much torture it was to just have it there.

But ascendant species is released

Sorry for the long delay again and I’ll be sure to get started on the new visual novel right away.

I’ll post about the new game’s plot within a few days.

I already have a lot of stuff down but not all so I want to get the storyline in check

Also you would have noticed both Bestial Tendencies and True strength are no longer there. Don’t worry they’ll be back up, I’m just redoing the fight scenes in a style similar to the visual novel I just released. No changes to the art style will be made. I kinda like to see where I came from you know?

Anyways, thank you guys so much for your patience and see yall in a few days!


Alright so I’ve been gone for a long time. And with the progress that me animating on my own is making…..sorry to say it just doesnt feel right with me.

Which is why i have decided… scrap all the motion animations that I’ve been doing.

If I continue moving at the pace I am…..I gotta be honest….I doesn’t look as if the game would come out soon.

So with all that considered.

This new style will not be as I would of liked. But I don’t think its fair to have you guys just waiting and waiting.

I hope to have the visual novel released within January.

And the visual novel after that I want it to be released by April or May.

Sorry for the long wait guys, but its almost here…..SO GET HYPED!

Ascendant Species 09/23 update

So its been a while, and quite frankly i should’ve been working a bit more on this. Been kinda up and down with my mood since my meds changed but enough about me.

Yall here for the visual novel. WHERE IS THE GAME!

Well hopefully, it will be out by the end of the year, thats the goal. However with how junk happens to me it might not. But I am definately gonna try my best.

I’m already into the animations. The first animation and many animation bases are done already actually.

I really wanna get this vn out of the way.

Anyways thats where I’m at with regards to the visual novel. All those who have stuck with me for this long……yall some true fans  T-T .

Anyways. Till next time. See ya!


Okay so I know i just updated like an hour or 2 ago but while animating something hit me.

You guys have been waiting so long. I can’t just leave yall hanging.

So the animation style has changed.

However this isn’t a bad thing.

I promised amazing animations and I’m sticking to that. Which is why I decided to animate in the shadow style.

The shadow animation style focuses on using the silhouettes of the characters. Any of you who have played the mobile and facebook game “Shadow fight” would know what I mean. The distinctions of characters would be in their hair mainly.

What this means is that I could complete the animation for this game A LOT sooner.

I’ll be dropping a preview to the fighting animations soon on my youtube channel.

Stay tuned guys!


Been a while huh guys. Sorry for not updating sooner. But I’ll let you guys know that the animation is in progress right now. Also the visual novel after this one will be finished a lot sooner. This visual novel has a ton of work put into it and I really hope you guys will like it. But the animations in this one is gonna be really good, not like Bestial tendencies at all. But yeah, all scripting is done, so I’m focusing solely on animations right now.

I thank each and every one of you for sticking around this long. It’s almost here guys!

See you in the next update, which would most likely be the release 😉

Sorry but good news, Ascendant Species update 01/04

If you guys have been following you would know I’ve been struggling for quite a bit for the past months. And no, I’m still not fully better. But I’m still gonna make through on this promise. I am going to finish this visual novel.

The scripting is 1 chapter away from completion and then the animations will be my main focus.

I thank all thats still here with me and is still hyped for the visual novel’s release. And all I can ask is for your continued support and patience.

Till then, see ya.

Ascendant Species Update 1/26

Again its been a long time since I updated. As stated in my last update I’m still honestly not fully recovered….But I’m on medication and stuff now and..Not to sound pitiful or anything but this has been really hard for me.

Luckily I got my voice partially back, but enough about me. The visual novel.

I have been working on it like I said and I am about to begin the animations, I’m just tweaking the scripting a bit and then I’ll begin animating.

I’m sorry again for all of this waiting…please bear with me guys it will come out.

Anyways thats all I have to say for now, the next update I do will probably be the release date, so stay tuned for that.

See you guys next time!

Ascendant Species update 10/21

Hey guys….I havent updated in a while and heres why. I had a mental breakdown. Even now I havent fully recovered cause I’m mute cause of it. Its sucks but now I can say I’m well enough to continue developing this game. Don’t worry guys it will be out. I even got 2 new ideas I wanna do, after this visual novel. I will do one of the newer ideas, then I’ll do True Strength 2 and then I’ll do the other new idea. Please bear with me guys, I know it’s taking a while but I’m the only person working on these things. It’s fine too, I dont mind it but it will take a while for me to release visual novels because I don’t want to release something that is just a stupid story.

Please continue to bear with me and all those who support me thank you from the bottom of my heart. And see you guys in the next update.